Dell releases the OptiPlex 9030 and OptiPlex 3030 for security-focused businesses

Dell OptiPlex 9030 Dell OptiPlex 3030
Security and style is Dell's M.O.

Dell has launched two all-in-one computers designed for organizations focused on maintaining secure data ecosystems. The OptiPlex 9030 and OptiPlex 3030 feature Intel Fourth Generation Core processors and come fully-loaded with a wide variety of Dell security tools.

The Dell OptiPlex 9030 features a 23-inch multi-touch display, a full HD webcam, a universal headset, and Microsoft Lync certification for online collaboration. The screen resolution is Full HD 1920 X 1080 and features six USB 3.0 drives.

"Dell's evolving approach is to protecting end users, " said Brett Hansen, Executive Director of Software for Client Solutions at Dell. "We've got to enable end users to be productive and collaborative. We've got to embrace BYOD and cloud while still addressing security."

Dell OptiPlex 9030 Dell OptiPlex 3030

The OptiPlex 9030 and 3030 are full-loaded fortresses:

Both the 9030 and 3030 are Trusted Platform Module5 1.2 certified. They are pre-loaded with Dell Data Protection and Security, Dell Data Protection and Encryption, Dell Data Protection and Protected Workspace and Dell Secure Works. Intel Identity Protection, Anti-Theft and Execution Technology are all pre-loaded onto the 9030 and 3030.

The 9030 features chassis lock slot support, a lockable port cover, and an AIO plate lock.

The OptiPlex 9030 is now available for $899.

The Dell OptiPlex 3030

Dell OptiPlex 9030 Dell OptiPlex 3030

The OptiPlex 3030 has a 19.5-inch display with a 1600 X 900 resolution WLED screen. Because of its slim design, the OptiPlex 3030 is best suited for the education vertical, where it can be housed on narrow desks and workstations, Hansen said.

The 3030 features the following physical security measures: a USB port cover lock, USB BIOS port controls, a chassis intrusion switch, lock slot support, an all-in-one plate lock, and self encrypting storage.

The OptiPlex is now available for $799.

Dell Data Protection Hardware Crypto Accelerator

In addition to the new OptiPlex all-in-ones, Dell also released the Data Protection Hardware Crypto Accelerator (DDPHCA), a hardware-based, cryptographic engine that encrypts data at three gigabits-per-second.

The DDPHCA provides pre-boot authentication for self-encrypting. It can offload the encryption process, and comes with FIPS certification (FIPS 140-2 Level 3).

The software is available on select Dell Precision, OptiPlex and Latitude Systems.