Asus shows off slim super-powered Zenbook U500VZ

Asus shows off slim super-powered Zenbook U500VZ
Doesn't look all that different to the last batch...

The first Ultrabook out of the IFA 2012 gates is Asus' Zenbook U500VZ, a super-slim laptop that comes packing a punch.

With a third-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor and Nvidia GT650M graphics engine, the U500VZ should be pretty nippy to use, and there's an option to go for a 128GB SSD and 500GB hard drive with dual SSD drives to boot.

The aluminium shell houses a 15-inch full HD display with IPS tech and anti-glare coating, as well as a full-size keyboard with separate numeric keypad.

All that sounds like a lot to squeeze into a chassis that is only 19.7mm thick at its deepest point; we're looking forward to seeing how well it fares in our hands on Asus Zenbook U500VZ review - coming soon!


Also revealed at the tech mecca in Berlin, the Asus Zenbook Prime UX21A Touch is the first of Asus' Zenbook range to feature a touchscreen and is all set to rock and roll with touch-friendly Windows 8.

With a full HD super IPS+ screen and 256GB SSD, the laptop is kept chugging along by a 3rd gen Intel Core processor (although Asus hasn't yet clarified which).

Moving into the more physically minded product naming spectrum, the Asus Taichi is finally official with its dual-display sure to baffle us when we go hands on with the notebook-cum-tablet.

Also being shown off at IFA 2012 is the Asus Transformer Book, another notebook that can be converted into a tablet at will.

No word on release dates or pricing just yet, but we'd imagine release dates will coincide with Windows 8's official release in October.

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