Fujitsu announces slew of tablets, laptops and smartphones


Japanese manufacturer Fujitsu introduced or refreshed 18 products in one swoop this week, and all of them are geared towards the enterprise market.

Its two Android products, the Arrows M305/KA4 smartphone and the Arrows Tab M555/KA4, have fingerprint sensors, bundled Fujitsu BYOD software (Cloud PaaS mobile suite, MIS FENICS II Universal Connect), and advanced weather resistant capabilities.

But it is Windows that powers the bulk of Fujitsu's B2B product refresh. The Arrows Tab Q555/K sports a wide array of accessories including a stylus pen, a docking station and a keyboard that converts it into a netbook-size device. It comes with a fingerprint sensor and can withstand falls of up to 75cm.

A smaller version of the tablet, called the Q335/K, will be available with nearly 11 hours battery life, Windows 8.1 Pro and a range of accessories including a shoulder strap.

The rest of the improvements affect the Celsius workstation series (with the introduction of new Intel Xeon processors and Nvidia Quadro workstation cards), and the inclusion of what appears to be free Microsoft Office on select Lifebook, Esprimo and Celcius models.

More specifically, the press release mentions that users can upggrade to the latest version of Office free of charge and choosing Office Premium would offer one year's worth of Office 365 for free.
Fujitsu hasn't disclosed when and if it will ship the new products to the UK yet.

Desire Athow
Managing Editor, TechRadar Pro

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