13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen 'out this year'

13 inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen out this year

Apple may have decided to kill off its 17-inch MacBook Pro but there's a 13-inch version on the way which sports a Retina screen.

The arrival of WWDC earlier this week brought with it tears from many a website developer, who knew that the arrival of a Retina screen on a MacBook Pro would make websites look more than a little rubbish.

This aside, the arrival of a Retina screen on a MacBook is a nice shift forward in screen technology. Unfortunately it comes at a price with the 15-inch MacBook costing at least £1,799 ($2,199).

There's some hope for those who can't afford this, however, with news that a 13-inch MacBook Pro may be entering the market in October 2012.

Book 'em

This is according to Apple Insider, which notes that 13-inch version will have a powerful Retina display, a 2GHz Ivy Bridge Processor and Intel 4000 HD integrated graphics.

Now, all this sounds a little less painful on the pockets but if a 13-inch MacBook Pro is indeed on the cards then Apple will be encroaching on the MacBook Air 2012's turf, especially given that the Pro has been on something of a diet.

Via Apple Insider