Toshiba's new USB-C drives will provide your new tablet with more storage

Toshiba Canvio Premium with USB-C support

Toshiba is targeting mobile users with new external hard drives and flash drives at CES 2016 that utilize the new USB Type-C, also known as USB-C, connector. The new Canvio Premium portable hard disk drive and Toshiba Transmemory EX Dual both come equipped with the new connector, making them compatible with new laptops, tablets, convertibles and smartphones released this year.

The Canvio Premium will provide you with the largest amount of storage, with capacities going as high as 3TB. The portable external hard disk drive is compatible with USB 3.0 and USB-C devices through an included adapter.

The Canvio Premium is available in 1TB, 2Tb and 3TB capacities. The drives are available now through select retailers for $84 (£57, AU$119), $129 (£88, AU$184) and $159 (£108, AU$226) respectively. The Canvio Premium will compete against Samsung's new 2TB external portable solid state drive that's equipped with a USB-C port, like the newly unveiled Toshiba Dynapad.

Toshiba Transmemory EX Dual

Transmemory EX Dual

The Transmemory EX Dual is a 32GB flash drive that comes with a standard USB Type-A connector as well as a USB Type-C connector.

This allows you to quickly move files between a tablet or phone with a USB-C port and a laptop or PC with a USB-A port. Or, for MacBook owners, you can use the drive to share files between Apple's uniport MacBook and a MacBook Pro with Retina display, for example.

Toshiba claims the drive will offer read and write speeds up to 95MB/s and 80MB/s respectively. The Transmemory EX Dual flash drive will retail for $39 (£26, AU$55) when it ships in the first half of this year. The Transmemory EX Dual will compete against SanDisk's mobile storage solution.


Canvio Desktop and TransferJet card

Desktop users who need a place to backup or store their files can turn to Toshiba's newly unveiled Canvio for Desktop External Hard Drive. The drives are available in 3TB, 4TB, 5TB and 6TB capacities. These drives offer up to 5Gb/s transfer rates and comes with support for USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 standards.

Business users can use a password lock to secure the data on the drives, preventing unauthorized access. The drives can be positioned horizontally or vertically to save space on a work desk. The 3TB ($139, £95, AU$198), 5TB ($179, £122, AU$255) and 6TB ($249, £170, AU$355) models will be available next month, while the 4TB ($159, £108, AU$226) version will ship in March.

Photographers who need to add wireless capabilities to their digital cameras can use Toshiba's latest TransferJet Wireless SD Memory Card Class 10. Wireless transfer speed is up to 560Mb/s, which Toshiba claims is "way faster than any NFC, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection."

This means that a 4.7GB video file can be wirelessly transferred using TransferJet in less than two minutes. Files can be shared with any iOS, Android or PC device with a TransferJet adapter, which is sold separately. The TransferJet Wireless SD Memory Card Class 10 is available in a 16GB capacity for $79 (£54, AU$112). The drive will be available for purchase later this month through Toshiba and Amazon.

Toshiba's TransferJet card will compete in the same space as the EyeFi cards.