Samsung launches 64GB durable SD and microSD cards

Samsung SD range
Colourful and durable

Samsung has launched a new lineup of SD and microSD cards with capacities up to 64GB. No 128GB models in the pipeline.

The Korean electronics giant has three ranges available: Standard, PRO, and EVO. The latter two support Ultra High Speed Class 1 (UHS-1), touting read speeds of up to 90MB/s and 48MB/s respectively.

Capacities range from 4GB to 64GB, with the PRO range using MLC NAND flash storage. To put the sizes in perspective, a 64GB card can hold up to 670 minutes of full high-definition video.

Tiny, but tough

The new memory cards are extra durable, with Samsung promising that a 1.9 ton vehicle won't crush them (depending of course on the tires used).

They are waterproof, even able to survive a full day in seawater. They are also temperature proof, withstanding lows of -25 degrees Celsius and highs of 85 degrees Celsius. When switched off they are unfazed by the chill of -40 degrees.

If that was not enough, they can withstand 15,000 gauss of magnetic force, and can operate even under X-rays. You know, just in case.

Rainbow range

To avoid any confusion between the ranges, Samsung has color-coded them. The PRO range is silver, the EVO range is orange, and the Standard is blue.

The microSD cards will include an SD adaptor in the US. Some models will also come with a USB drive adaptor.

Via StorageReview