92% of workers still print at least once a day

92% of employees are still printing on paper at least once a day
Printing 2-for-1 Pizza Express vouchers is on the rise

According to research, some 92% of employees are still printing on physical paper at least once a day, dispelling myths that paperless offices are becoming the norm.

The research, carried out by OKI Systems, asked 2000 employees in the UK. It also found that nearly half (45%) are printing more than ten pages a day.

Graham Lowes, UK marketing director, Oki Systems UK said: "It's frustrating to see this wastage when, by taking expert advice from a managed document solutions provider, gaining control and adopting some straightforward measures, organisations can cut their printing costs by up to 30%"

Taking home to work

79% of those surveyed said that they cheekily use office equipment to print personal documents, with 9% claiming they do this daily.

The survey also showed that tablets and smartphones are a rising cause of printing traffic with 24% of respondents saying they brought their devices into the office, and 45% saying they use them to print.

Lowes continued: "It's clear that the blurring of home and office time, brought on by the rise in mobile working, is having an impact on an organisation's printing needs."