Samsung officially releases sub-$800 4K display

Samsung UD590
Samsung UD590

It was initially unveiled at CES earlier this year, and now you will be able to buy the Samsung's UD590 4K monitor from today for less than $800.

It is Samsung's first UHD monitor to land in Austrlaia, but like all other sub-$800 4K monitors on the market, this one comes with a TN panel, which can display more than one billion colours.

The large UHD LED display has a response time of 1ms and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

PIP bliss

As expected, the refresh rate for Displayport hits 60Hz, while HDMI stalls at 30Hz. For connectivity it does have two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort port.

There's also a useful picture-in-picture feature that allows two computers to connect to the UD590 simultaneously; each getting half of the native resolution (i.e. 1920 x 2160 pixels).

The Samsung UD590 4K monitor is on sale today for $749.

Desire Athow
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