New secure, fingerprinted USB memory stick


ThumbMax-Flash is a new portable multi-purpose USB memory stick with a twist – it’s completely secure, requiring both fingerprint and password authentication to access the data inside its metal gizzards.

The press release just in informs us that: “Only the enrolled user can access the data stored on the ThumbMax by swiping their fingerprint. ThumbMax Flash offers data encryption/decryption, password replacement and mobile my email and is a truly plug and play peripheral.”

According to manufacturer’s Doculock, a recent survey of IT security professionals has shown that two out of every three organisations are failing to include guidance on the use of mobile media such as memory sticks and USB flash devices.

For men’s eyes only

Other really handy features of the ThumbMax-Flash include Mobile Email. This allows you to export your Outlook Express email account settings, contacts and email, so you can plug in to any other computer and use your email without having to install your settings manually.

We all know that corporate data sabotage is A Very Bad Thing, but, more importantly, if you want to pass your mates some of those special ‘men-only movies’ across the office, then it’s nice to know that your boss (or your mum) cannot access them any more!

You can stuff up to 4GB of data and dodgy movies on the device, which you can order online at - The 1GB model will set you back £32, while its a mere £42 for 2GB and £55 for the 4GB model (prices excluding VAT).