CCleaner's privacy tool now shields against the most dastardly forms of tracking

(Image credit: CCleaner)

CCleaner has updated its privacy tool Kamo with new features designed to prevent online tracking so that users won’t be followed across the web by the sites they visit.

In order to mask users’ digital footprints, Kamo 4.0 has introduced Private Connection which combines VPN technology and anti-fingerprinting for the first time ever.

By creating a secure and encrypted VPN tunnel between a user’s PC and the internet, Private Connection is able to hide their location while preventing web service providers, governments and hackers from intercepting and monitoring their online browsing activity. This is possible thanks to Kamo’s anti-fingerprinting technology which creates new randomized footprints to throw trackers off.

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GM at CCleaner, David Peterson explained in a press release how Kamo can prevent digital fingerprinting whereas clearing cookies and blocking ads can’t, saying:

“It’s vital you take extra steps to protect your privacy online as clearing cookies or blocking ads doesn’t stop you from being tracked via digital fingerprinting. In fact, companies can easily identify people to a high degree of accuracy. That’s where Kamo 4.0 and its dual protection comes in to drastically reduce tracking attempts – setting new standards for online privacy.”

Kamo 4.0

For those unaware, each device you use has its own unique fingerprint that can be used to identify and track you. This is why Kamo regularly creates new randomized footprints in an attempt to throw trackers off.

At the same time, while thousands of companies collect user data, most fail to protect it properly and your personal information can be leaked online through unsecured databases. Kamo ensures that companies can’t create a unique profile of users which can in turn prevent them from falling victim to identity theft.

CCleaner’s privacy tool also removes evercookies and zombie cookies that are difficult to delete in seconds so that they don’t remain on your devices. Kamo users can even get more information on the sites trying to track them as it shows which websites are scraping their personal, family, medical and financial data and stops them in their tracks.

Another nice thing about Kamo is that you can set it and forget it since the tool automatically syncs with all browsers so that you’ll be protected on all of your devices.

While a 1 year subscription to Kamo costs $24.95, CCleaner also offers a 14-day free trial so that users interested in protecting their online privacy further can test out its privacy tool for themselves.

Anthony Spadafora

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