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KITT car: Mio's new Knight Rider Sat Nav

Mio's Knight Rider SatNav launching soon
Mio's Knight Rider SatNav launching soon

Hardcore fans of the 1980s TV classic Knight Rider will be thrilled to hear that sat nav specialists Mio are launching a Knight Rider-themed sat nav unit, which will instantly turn your car into KITT (well, minus the hyper-speed and launch options…).

KITT, as you well remember, stands for Knight Industries Two Thousand, and Mio's Knight Rider sat nav has all the relevant prompts recorded by none other than William Daniels himself.

Where do you want to go?

"Hello Michael, where do you want to go today?" chirps the device when you start your journey.

The unit also has an LCD display surrounded by a series of red LEDs to remind you of KITT's nose-mounted lights.

Right now, further details are scarce, other than the Knight Rider Sat Nav is going to cost $270 (around £135) in the US. We'll have further details from Mio when the company returns our eager calls to request our review unit!