Warm up your car remotely


German company Webasto offers a number of ‘solutions’ for those who don’t like getting into a freezing cold car first thing in the morning.

The Webasto Thermo Top E Parking Heater lets users send a text message to a car where it is installed, to ensure your car is lovely and warm from the moment you pull away.

The small unit uses a only a small amount of fuel kicking out 4.2kW for up to 60 minutes at a time, and can also be activated by voice or remote control.

How to save £850

Of course, providing you don’t live in a dodgy neighbourhood, you could always choose to save the $1700 (£850) that the Thermo Top E Parking Heater will set you back. You could start up your car on the driveway five minutes before you want to set off on your journey or, shudder at the thought, just put up with being a bit cold for five minutes while the engine heats up.

File under more money than sense…