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TomTom talks about 'closeness' to Apple

TomTom talks about 'closeness' to Apple
TomTom cradles Apple

TomTom MD Corinne Vigreux has told TechRadar that getting closer to Apple, and competing with the likes of Microsoft and Nokia is 'nice and scary' at the same time.

TomTom's mapping data will be a key part of iOS 6, with Apple choosing to dump its longstanding arrangement with Google to use its maps, and it underlines the sat nav giant's growing profile in our gadgets.

Vigreux explained that there was a nice fit between Apple's customers and the TomTom brand and admitted that, although it was nice to be a key player in the burgeoning world of navigation on our mobile devices, that it was also daunting.

Big forces

"You get those big partnerships like Nokia getting close to Microsoft and we're getting a bit close to Apple with the licensing of our map data and then you have Google – you have some big forces.

"It's nice to be among them and we are happy that iPhone customers have gone for our application."

Vigeux has been delighted with the uptake of the TomTom app on iPhone and iPad, with the application becoming one of the top grossing entrants in the App Store.

"Culturally there's a nice fit there in terms of brand so it's been good," she added.

"It's nice and scary at the same time – you evolve in a pond where you have some very big fish, but it's nice to be a player."