iOS in the Car moves up a gear with new screenshot leak

iOS in the Car moves up a gear with new screenshot leak
Siri, meet KITT

There's not been too much talk about Apple's iOS in the Car initiative of late – considering it was announced back at WWDC 2013 – but new alleged leaked screenshots suggest that Apple's auto focus for iOS 7 is still very much on.

Posted on Twitter by developer Steve Troughton-Smith and picked up by MacRumors, the shots show iOS7 looking a lot more like a GPS module than previous incarnations of iOS in the Car.

According to the shots and Apple's previous comments, you will be able to make phone calls through the interface, control your music and access, obviously, Maps through the system.

New look

The interface on the news grabs has been given something of a makeover. Where most of the information was on the bottom and top of the screen, this seems to have been shifted to the top and side.

iOS 7 in the car

Given it has been some time since it was announced that Apple was working on iOS in the Car, it makes sense that some cosmetic changes have happened to the interface.

These changes could well mean that iOS in the Car is actually ready for release. We still have no words on a release date, but it is looking increasingly likely it will be available when iOS 7.1 comes out of beta – at the moment it is now in its fourth beta iteration.

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