Capcom Spotlight 2023: When is the next event, and what to expect

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It’s that time of the year again: the Capcom Spotlight is almost upon us. The first major gaming event of March 2023 is about to kick off, and here’s how to get front-row seats. 

In this spotlight, we expect more details on the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake, the action RPG Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and the anticipated Nintendo Switch Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, among others.

The Capcom Spotlight will be broadcast live for fans worldwide to enjoy. But if you don’t have time to sit down and watch the entire stream, don’t worry; Capcom will upload the whole stream after it’s happened on their Youtube channel

How to Watch the March 2023 Capcom Spotlight 

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The Capcom Spotlight 2023 will take place March 9 PST 2:30pm / EST 5:30pm / GMT 10:30pm / (Thursday, March 10 AEDT 9:30am) via a virtual stream that you’ll be able to find on Capcom’s Twitch account, YouTube, and social media sites like Facebook and TikTok

The stream will be approximately 26 minutes. However, there’s always a potential for this to run over slightly. You’ll also need to verify your age on YouTube before you enter the spotlight, as some of the content showcased will not be suitable for children.

Capcom Spotlight 2023: what we expect to see 

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Up to bat first, and the biggest hitter we expect to see will be the survival horror game Resident Evil 4 remake. With a release date that is weeks away on March 24, there’ll hopefully be some last-minute information and maybe even some gameplay for fans to enjoy. 

According to Capcom’s website, we’ll also see more details on the upcoming third-person shooter Exoprimal, available on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. While the remaster of the classic adventure game Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and the action RPG Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will also make an appearance.  

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