Canva unveils new workplace suite to boost your productivity

Canva Worksuite
(Image credit: Canva)

Canva has announced a range of new tools that it hopes will draw in more business across a wider range of the sector. And we’re not just talking a light update here: there are six significant updates and new tools for subscribers to try out.

The new updates in the company's own word processing app, Docs, which offers similar practicalities to the likes of Google Docs, such as comments for better collaboration and version history for improved productivity. The company is also keen to emphasize that users will get access to its own library of more than 100 million design assets to help make their documents more visually appealing. 

As part of the update, Canva Presentations has also gained a new remote feature to enable presenters to control their presentation from a compatible device.

New Canva features

The company has also released its own aptly-named Websites site-building tool. Users can choose from hundreds of “responsive professional-level” templates as well as add their own domains and add password protection to their sites. Maybe of more interest to business owners is the Design Insights feature which allows admins to see analytics like page visits. 

Yet another feature in this extensive update provides an opportunity for workers to import statistics into the Data Visualization tool to create interactive visualizations. Like the other newly released tools above, pre-determined templates are available in order to make the processing as easily as possible. 

Furthermore, the Canva Video Suite has received its own upgrade. Users can now remove backgrounds from videos which the company says eliminates the need for “expansive budgets or complex software.”

And finally, the new Whiteboards app is designed to promote collaboration through the use of brainstorming, with tools including sticky notes, images and graphics, and an integrated timer to help manage sessions.

With a huge emphasis on simple, visually appealing collaboration and productivity tools, it’s clear that Canva wants to increase its share in the market and from what we can tell, it’s well on its way to getting its products into more businesses.

The company says seamless visual communications are becoming more important as workplaces become more distributed, and communications within those workplaces becomes more visual.

Offering more tools to get the job done allows Canva to be a more streamlined approach, which could see businesses cutting back on unnecessary subscriptions.

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