BT wants to help your business get to grips with AI much quicker

(Image credit: BT)

BT has unveiled a new ‘Machine Learning Operations (ML-Ops)’ platform that promises to speed up the rollout of artificial intelligence (AI) models from six months to just six days.

The ML Ops platform was built by BT’s digital unit and its partners Datatonic and Google Cloud and will strengthen the telco’s bid to be an ‘AI-led’ company.

It says the accelerator will help developers harness the power of its 29-petabyte database to create AI models that can be used across multiple applications that drive internal performances and enhance customer facing operations.

BT Digital

For example, these models could help BT combat customer churn, test personalised applications, and identify efficiencies within certain business groups. 

Indeed, it hopes to realise more than £500 million of internal value from data and AI over the next five years, aiding its wider transformation.

“A core driving principle for BT Group is to find a way to safely accelerate the time to value, pound per petabyte, of data,” said Adrian Joseph, Managing Director, Data & AI, for BT Group. “AI Accelerator gives us a path to more rapid value with clear oversight of AI use case parameters and performance.”

BT Digital was created in early 2021 as part of a technological reshuffle, tasked with accelerate its own transformation and allow for the creation of innovative and data-driven products, platforms, and services. 

Earlier in 2022, it created 2,800 jobs in product management, software engineering, cloud, design, data, AI, and machine learning, taking the unit’s workforce up to 6,300 by 2024.

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