BT launches anti-drone system for businesses

(Image credit: Thomas Ehrhardt / Pixabay)

BT is to help its business customers combat the threat of drone intrusions with the launch of a ‘Counter Drone Solution’.

Drones are used for many legitimate purposes, but decreasing prices and wider availability of the technology has resulted in a sharp increase in misuse.

The number of drone-related incidents has risen by 29 per cent in the past year, while Gatwick Airport was forced to shut down after reports of a rogue drone on-site. Drones can pose a security threat and can invade the privacy and confidentiality of business operations.

Drone protections 

BT says it can give organisations the ability to detect, track and identify drones which breach airspace and exterior perimeters, allowing them to take legal countermeasures. These might be a signal blocker or a portable disruptor.

The Counter Drone Solution can detect drones up to 5km away and provides early warnings so security teams can respond. The platform gathers information in real-time, allowing customers to build up their knowledge of unauthorised drone activity and develop best practices.

BT will assume responsibility for the planning, design, installation and ongoing support, and has partnered with DroneShield to deliver the service. DroneShield’s products have been used at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and by the British and American military.

“Unwanted drone activity can have a dramatic effect on an organisation’s ability to function effectively and poses a real risk to safety,” said Simin Wingrove, director of strategy and incubation at BT. “We believe that this partnership between BT and DroneShield will provide our customers with a best-in-class, integrated and secure drone detection solution.

“With BT’s world leading expertise in communications and networked IT services and DroneShield’s expertise in the counter-drone space, we are able to provide organisations with the security they need to detect and respond to unwanted drones before they become an issue.”

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