BT and AWS are fusing 5G and cloud tech to connect businesses on the move

5G services in india
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BT has announced a significant investment into a joint project with Amazon Web Services (AWS), aiming to bring 5G and 4G mobile edge computing services to UK business customers. 

With AWS’ cloud expertise and BT’s 5G/4G infrastructure, UK businesses can expect more secure, faster, high- bandwidth connectivity, on the go, with crowd management, healthcare, or security projects, all set to possibly benefit greatly from such a solution. 

What’s more, 5G is pivotal for Internet-of Things solutions, such as autonomous vehicles, cameras for policing, or industrial robots.

AWS Wavelength

This new announcement lines up perfectly with what BT’s been doing up until now, to boost its current mobile networks and bring 5G infrastructure-as-a-service through AWS Wavelength. 

A new “AWS Wavelength Zone” should soon become operational in Manchester, as well, and will service businesses in both public and private sector, in a 100-kilometer radius. BT Wholesale, which services telecommunications operators on the continent, worked with AWS on the service, which is planned to cover the entire country in the near future. 

AWS Wavelength is Amazon Web Service’s 5G edge computing infrastructure solution, bringing in AWS compute and storage services to wireless networks. That way, businesses get mobile edge computing infrastructure for ultra-low-latency applications.

“As we continue to build best-in-class 5G infrastructure for the UK, launching the AWS Wavelength service for our business and wholesale customers is a hugely important step on our journey – bringing the power of the cloud to the UK’s best network,” said Alex Tempest, managing director for BT Wholesale. “It’s set to unlock use cases like IoT cameras to help first responders keep communities safe: a real-life example of using tech to connect for good.

“By building cloud edge services into our 5G and 4G EE network, we can accelerate innovation across industries, and bring fast, secure data processing closer to where our customers need it most. Ultimately, we want to give businesses and public sector organizations all the power of edge computing, wherever they are.”

Sead Fadilpašić

Sead is a seasoned freelance journalist based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He writes about IT (cloud, IoT, 5G, VPN) and cybersecurity (ransomware, data breaches, laws and regulations). In his career, spanning more than a decade, he’s written for numerous media outlets, including Al Jazeera Balkans. He’s also held several modules on content writing for Represent Communications.