Backblaze now offers instant disaster recovery

The cloud backup provider Backblaze has announced a new instant disaster recovery solution called Instant Recovery in Any Cloud that aims to help businesses get their operations back up and running after falling victim to ransomware.

While big ransomware payments like the $5 million paid to attackers by Colonial Pipeline gain a lot of media attention, few realize that ransomware victims often rely on backups to return to normal operations instead of the decryption tools provided by cybercriminals. This is because decrypting data takes a long time when compared to using a disaster recovery solution.

With Backblaze's new Instant Recovery in Any Cloud, businesses now have access to a flexible disaster recovery solution based in VMware and Hyper-V cloud architecture. By using an industry-standard automation tool, a pre-built code package is able to create a digital mirror image of an organization's previously deployed on-premises infrastructure.

Chief information security officer at Backblaze, Mark Potter provided further details on the company's new instant disaster recovery solution in a press release, saying:

“Most businesses know that backing up is critical for disaster recovery. But we see time and again that organizations under duress struggle with getting their systems back online, and that's why Backblaze's new solution can be a game-changer.”

On-demand disaster recovery

Instant Recovery in Any Cloud is essentially an on-demand disaster recovery plan that allows businesses to get back to work with minimized disruption after a ransomware attack while not having to pay annually for an array of in-case-of-emergency services.

While most disaster recovery plans are built for enterprise customers with large budgets, Backblaze's new solution opens disaster recovery to SMBs and even startups. Instant Recovery in Any Cloud is also highly customizable as its a cut and paste solution and IT teams can customize its code written to work with phoenixNAP compute for other providers.

Although Instant Recovery in Any Cloud is always there from Backblaze and the compute provider, customers don't have to pay for it until they need it.

Backblaze's new solution is available now and the company will be holding a webinar on October 20 at 1pm ET / 10am PT for organizations that want to learn more about how it can be used to quickly recover following a ransomware attack.

Anthony Spadafora

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