AWS wants to helps big businesses and governments get to grips with blockchain

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has joined up with Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, in a bid to bring blockchain to more businesses, institutions, and government agencies.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Howard Wright, VP and global head of startups at AWS, explained that “web3 and blockchain is inevitable”, and while it’s hard to guess when it will become commonplace, Wright said “the velocity of this one seems like it’s accelerating and we’re just excited to be a part of this.”

Ava Labs president, John Wu, reckons that the “ease and access” that is set to become unlocked through the partnership will only accelerate adoption. 

AWS and Avalanche

“We have over 500 applications on the chain and we would love to give them a better experience and now we have a real partnership that we can direct to the Activate program," Wu noted.

The collaboration is set to make it easier for individuals to launch and manage nodes on Avalanche. It should also see a boost in network strength and flexibility for developers.

From Ava Labs’ point of view, the agreement also sees it join AWS Activate, a program that promises to deliver tools, resources, content and expert support in an effort to accelerate startup businesses.

It will also become a member of AWS Partner Network, which Wright expects to be “the jet fuel for blockchain and crypto that will democratize access for all corners of the world.”

This move is expected to place the Amazon division in an important place for the future, as the key demographic is no longer just “hardcore Web3 people”, Wu explained. The space is now beginning to open up to developers and entrepreneurs crossing over from Web2 to Web3. 

Amazon isn’t the only company actively developing blockchain related technology. Late in 2022, Google Cloud gave Solana the nod for its Blockchain Node Engine, which is designed to help make Web3 product development easier by offering fully-managed nodes.

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