AWS is hungry for a bigger slice of the video game pie

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new suite of tools and services to help support and accelerate video game development.

As explained in a new blog post, AWS for Games brings together a range of first- and third-party services that cater to the needs of a variety of development use cases and project sizes.

The portfolio is said to include products that support each of the three main steps in the development process, from designing and running a game to deploying new features after launch.

AWS for Games

AWS says there are a variety of benefits to shifting development workloads from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, including the ability to hire an international team and deploy powerful virtual workstations for developers.

Once a studio has published its game, meanwhile, AWS for Games will assist with the analysis of player behavior and delivery of new features, in addition to providing flexible server infrastructure to support online play.

Alongside the launch of AWS for Games, the organization has also announced a preview of Amazon GameSparks and the general availability of AWS GameKit. The former is a fully managed service that helps developers roll out backend features such as player authentication and messaging, while GameKit simplifies the fine-tuning of these features.

“Cloud adoption has transformed the way games are built, distributed, and played,” said Bill Vass, Vice President, AWS Engineering. “Game developers continue to accelerate their cloud journey, build games faster, and run them with continuous updates, while growing their player base and play engagement.”

“With the launch of AWS for Games and the new services and solutions announced today, customers can accelerate this transformation with solutions addressing the highest priority workloads and continue to push the boundaries in areas like game analytics, live operations, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

AWS already boasts a long list of high-profile customers from the video game sector, including the makers of Fortnite, League of Legends, Borderlands and other popular titles. But with its new suite of tools, the company is attempting to insert itself into every level of the game development pipeline.

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