AT&T wants to help small businesses survive the pandemic with new data plans

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In an effort to help small businesses weather the pandemic and continue to innovate, AT&T is introducing new tools to help them adapt, mix and match the right tools and stay protected from spam on their business phones.

The US telecom's new Unlimited Your Way for Business gives small businesses the ability to mix and match its AT&T Business Unlimited phone plans for each member of their team with up to 10 lines per plan group.

Each of AT&T's Business Unlimited phone plans already include unlimited data, talk and text as well access to its 5G network and 5G+ service. However, now team members that require extra features such as mobile hotspot data, HD video capabilities or network prioritization for critical data can pick a plan that has the features they need even if other co-workers don't require them.

AT&T's new mix-and-match options allow businesses to control costs by picking the right phone plan for each employee with the flexibility to adjust each plan as their needs change.

Unlimited Your Way for Business

Receiving calls from random numbers can disrupt employee productivity as they have no idea who's calling which is why AT&T is launching Caller ID for its Business Unlimited Elite and Performance plan lines.

AT&T Caller ID provides a listed caller name directly from the company's network even if one doesn't already exist in a user's contacts. This means that small businesses will no exactly who is calling and they don't even need to take any action to turn on this service.

In addition to Caller ID, AT&T also offers Call Protect to help secure calls. This feature automatically blocks fraudulent and spam calls and can be enabled on compatible smartphones.

By giving small businesses more flexibility, AT&T is helping them save money while ensuring each employee has access to the features and services they need to do their jobs.

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