Appian adds AI capabilities to its low-code platform

Appian AI with Google
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In an effort to help businesses easily add artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to their applications, Appian has announced a new service called Appian AI which will allow its customers to add AI to any application built on its platform.

While the company already offers integrations for most major AI platforms, Appian AI will include AI services directly powered by the Google Cloud Platform.

Appian AI is included in the Appian Platform for free though additional charges may apply with increased usage levels.

By integrating AI capabilities such as image recognition and sentiment analysis into human workflows, the company's new service can help transform the customer experience, optimize internal operations and reduce costs.

Appian AI

Appian AI makes implementing AI capabilities simple for organizations who can use its no-code Connected System integration to create AI-powered business applications. Since Google's AI is directly integrated into its platform, businesses will no longer have to contract with Google as a third-party provider, thus saving the time and money.

Vice President of Software Development at Appian, Medhat Galal explained why the company chose to incorporate Google's AI services into its low-code platform, saying:

“We want to give everyone a free and easy way to use AI in all of their enterprise applications. We set up their link to Google’s AI services and our customers are off to the races. And, we subsidize the entire cost of the free tier of Appian AI, so all the customer has to think about is which services to use for their business problem.” 

Businesses looking to leverage Appian's new AI capabilities can take advantage of the Google Translate API for language detection and translation services, the Google Vision API for Optical Character Recognition, Google Natural Language, Google Cloud Storage and full Google Cloud Console administration and management by Appian.

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