AMD Zen 2 could be a huge leap over Ryzen 2nd Generation CPUs

AMD Zen 2

AMD Zen 2 – AMD's rumored 7-nanometer architecture for processors – is still months away from its expected CES 2019 reveal, but we’re seeing a slow trickle of details come out.

AMD Zen 2 will supposedly feature a 13% increase in instructions per clock (IPC), otherwise known as the instructions executed for each clock cycle. This is impressive because it’s a nearly five-times increase in IPC compared to the 3% increase we saw from the first Ryzen processors to Ryzen 2nd Generation – or from Zen to Zen+ architecture.

This latest rumor comes from Bits and Chips, an Italian technology site that claims to have gotten the information from an ”employee of a big company in the know,” who was the source of previous Intel Kaby Lake G leaks that proved to be true.

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If the leaks are correct, this increase in IPC could be monumental even in the face of Intel’s rivaling Coffee Lake Refresh processors. Considering the jump from 14nm Zen chips to 12nm Zen+ chips was already impressive in our reviews of the Ryzen 5 2600X and Ryzen 7 2700X, 7nm Zen 2 may deliver an even bigger increase in performance would be a game-changing improvement.

The only other small detail we may know about Ryzen 3rd Generation processors with Zen 2 is they could make 8-core and 16-thread processors commonplace – even for the lowest tier Ryzen 3 CPUs. Of course, however AMD’s 7nm processors shake out, you can expect us to report on them live from CES 2019.

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