Amazon pilots video calls to verify third-party sellers

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Amazon has begun using video conferencing tools as a means to verify third-party sellers on its marketplace

The move comes in the wake of rising customer complaints around fraudulent accounts and listings on the site, with many criminals peddling fake coronavirus cures.

The world's largest online retailer has also faced market scrutiny over its supervision of counterfeit products and suppliers of allegedly unsafe products via Amazon, with big brands such as Nike and Apple staying away from selling on the site - and with Amazon Prime Day on the horizon, making sure its third party sellers' platform is up to speed is crucial.

Fraud control

The company added the live verification process via video conferencing is being trialled in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Japan. It involves an Amazon official matching the documents that a seller has provided during application with the actual copies, besides using facial recognition tech to verify identities. 

"This pilot allows us to connect one-on-one with prospective sellers while making it even more difficult for fraudsters to hide," an Amazon statement said.

Prior to the lockdown, the company used to insist on live verification through in-person meetings between prospective sellers and company executives. 

The company says that as many as 1000 prospective sellers have gone through the pilot program, which uses a combination of machine learning and human review, thus far. 

Via: Reuters

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