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After EIC, and Miss Group continue round of consolidations in web hosting market

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After the multi-billion acquisition of EIG earlier this month, two further transactions lead us to believe there might be further consolidation in the web hosting market to come, amid margin contraction and a shift towards website builders.

In Europe, Miss Group - owner of 4 UK host and Stablehost among others - has acquired the Lithuanian web hosting company UAB “Interneto vizija”. The latter has a portfolio of around 68,000 customers with 170,000 domain names and a Tier III datacenter based in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius.

According to PEwire, the revenue forecast for FY2020 stands at €11.5 million with EBITDA margins in excess of 50 percent, which is surprisingly good in the context of the pandemic. This is the 11th acquisition made by Miss Group in two years; the company now has 20 brands under its umbrella.

Elsewhere, acquired domain and web hosting provider Freeparking, which is based in New Zealand. The acquisition brings with it more than 90,000 customers and comes after the $76 million purchase of Dreamscape Networks in 2019 by

Other than owning one of the most iconic (and well-recognized) names around, also operates Network Solutions (and the Network Solutions website builder), SolidCactus and domain registrar

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