Adobe Acrobat now works with Google Drive

Google Drive Integration
(Image credit: Adobe)

Working with PDF files in the cloud just got a whole lot easier as Adobe has announced that Adobe Acrobat is now integrated with Google Drive.

This means that the over one billion people who use Google's cloud storage solution to store more than 2tn digital files can now use Acrobat's PDF tools to create, view, annotate, modify, share and sign PDFs right from within Google Drive.

Existing Acrobat users who also use Google Drive benefit as well as they'll no longer need to switch between apps just to use Adobe's PDF tools.

Acrobat for Google Drive integration

With Adobe's new Acrobat for Google Drive integration, anyone can view, search and annotate PDFs for free.

Acrobat DC subscribers though, will be able to crate PDFs in Drive, modify and organize existing PDFs, combine multiple file types into a single PDF, send a document for e-signature and track its progress, export PDFs into editable Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or RTF files and more.

Google Drive is not only popular with individuals but many businesses rely on Google's cloud storage service as well. If you have an IT admin at your office, they can easily flip the integration switch on for you and your team so you can begin working with PDFs directly from Drive.

According to Adobe, in just a few short weeks, IT admins have already enabled the integration for over 200,000 employees at both large and small businesses.

Interested users can install the Adobe Acrobat for Google Drive integration from the G Suite Marketplace now.

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