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Ministry of Sound MOSMP075 review

Another crack at a decent portable DAB radio

The lime green screenon the MOSMP075 is stylish

Our Verdict

A decent effort but doesn't really deliver enough for the price


  • Light and portable

    Great battery life


  • Reception problems

    Could do with more memory for the price

Prices for DAB radios for kitchens and bedrooms have dropped as quality has increased over the last year, the same isn't true for portable devices. Finding a reasonably small, effective and good value portable DAB radio is nigh-on impossible. Ministry of Sound has just added to the confusion with this near miss.

Paper thin

On paper, its MOSMP075 offers some added value that could explain its exorbitant price tag. Inside its slender black jacket lies 512MB of memory (a 1GB model is also available for £180) that can record music and voice from DAB radio. Good news if you're still listening to the Sunday night pop charts for your favourite tracks, but at this weight and price the Ministry should be more generous.

The MOSMP075 also has great battery life, stretching to a remarkable 20hrs after just a few hours of charging. Happily, the unit also charges when it's attached to a PC, which is done via a mini USB cable that also aids the simple transfer of WMA or MP3 files.

The lime green screen is stylish, but DAB functionality is poor. Travelling across the UK by train, bus and on foot revealed reception problems in built-up areas, even when we re-scanned.

This portable DAB is an average effort, although a nice touch is the inclusion of a ticket to the Ministry of Sound in London. Just don't plan on listening to your favourite radio station on the way.