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Hannspree SV42LMNB review

Budget specialist's debut 42-inch LED offers value rather than class-topping performance

Hannspree SV42LMNB
A budget TV it may be, but at least Hannspree hasn't skimped on aesthetic appeal


  • Design and build quality
  • Excellent price
  • Sharp, detailed Blu-ray images
  • Simple to set up


  • Unresponsive menus and remote control
  • No Freeview HD or online capabilities
  • Weak picture from in-built tuner
  • Noticeable LED light pooling
  • Below par audio

Hannspree's SV42LMNB is the brand's first stab at an LED-lit LCD TV. Until now the Taiwanese marque has focused on conventional, CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent) backlit screens (still represented in the SJ series) and 'novelty' products, such as a 19-inch bedroom set in the shape of a polar bear.

Making a dent in the UK market against the likes of LG and Toshiba, both of which already offer well featured and sharply designed LED screens at this size, is easier said than done. Still, the Hannspree has got something going for it on the crowded shop shelf – its design.

The makers describe it as 'hip, avant garde', which is stretching things a little, but it is neat, with an outer glass sleeve shrouding the gloss black bezel and curves in all the right places. It's quite slender, too, with a depth of only 46mm.

A budget TV it may be, but at least Hannspree hasn't skimped on aesthetic appeal. The other screens in the SV series are both smaller than this 42-incher. The 32-inch SV32LMNB retails for around £420. There's a 28-inch model, but this isn't going on sale in the UK.