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Intel and Dreamworks to make better 3D movies

Intel and Dreamworks team up
Intel and Dreamworks team up

Intel and DreamWorks have decided to team up and help boost the picture-tastic nature of future animated films, especially those made in 3D.

DreamWorks has already committed to producing all its feature films in stereoscopic 3D from next year, and the alliance will help it boost its ability to do so.

This link-up with Intel comes after a three-year deal the company had with AMD, who helped DreamWorks make such films as the Shrek sequels and the upcoming CGI flick Kung Fu Panda.

Intel-ligent move?

Basically, Intel will provide all the computer bits (the processors, products and tools), and will likely get some decent movie credit, and DreamWorks will just keep bashing away at making animated adventures.

The processing chips provided will be among the most advanced available, including future chips with multiple processing cores.

The idea is to make film creation more advanced, quicker and simpler, allowing faster storyboard-to-theatre times, saving the all-important budget.

Obviously everyone there is excited…though we'll have to wait and see if the new Monsters Vs Aliens, out next year, will feature the staple 'plink plink plunk' Intel music.