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Firefox for mobile now just 'days away'

Firefox for mobile to debut soon
Firefox for mobile to debut soon

Firefox for mobile could be just days away, according to Jay Sullivan, mobile VP for Mozilla.

The new browser, which has been codenamed Fennec and been in development for over a year, will be unleashed on the Nokia N900 first.

However, it will likely be unveiled on other platforms, such as Symbian and Android, in the following months if the launch is successful.

Based on the same principles as the desktop Firefox browser, the mobile version will offer similar add ons to allow users to customise their experience.

Cloud power

As TechRadar exclusively revealed earlier in the year, the browser will have the same tabbed experience too as well as relying on cloud data to synchronise your bookmarks and favourite searches.

However, the mobile version will exploit the opportunities afforded by a mobile platform, explained Sullivan:

"Because it is a browser for a mobile device, the add-ons will be different," he said to the BBC. "You'll see ones that use geo-location and exploit how the device is tilted."

However, he also poured cold water on an iPhone version of the browser ever being created: "Apple is very restrictive. As it's a pretty closed platform we don't see that happening soon."

Via The BBC