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Intel shows off iPhone-a-like web device

Intel's Moorestown device concept
Intel's Moorestown device concept

Intel has shown off a new mobile internet device that it claims is the future of mobile browsing.

Looking like an iPhone that's been passed through an old-style stretching rack, this is essentially a MID designed to show off Intel's Moorestown mobile device platform.

It claims devices, like the concept model shown off to the Taipei Bloggers Party at Intel's Developers Forum, will be able to last up to 24 hours on one battery charge and is working with leading industry players to make these devices a reality.


"[We are going to] unleash the internet and make this kind of innovation possible," said Intel laptop innovator David Perlmutter.

The device will have full internet on an ultra-widescreen touch interface, with GPS also included to turn it into a Sat-nav as well.

Obviously there's no release date on this device, but at least it shows Intel et al are thinking about keeping up the amount of cool devices we can play with.

Check out the video of the device presentation, or head on over to Flickr to see images of it in action.