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Firefox 3 download record is official

Firefox breaks the official download record
Firefox breaks the official download record

It's official. Mozilla has set the Guinness World Record with its recent surge of Firefox 3 downloads, following the launch of the new browser last month.

As the Mozilla press release currently sitting in our inbox boasts: "Massive grassroots community effort behind world record for most software downloads in 24 hours."

Gareth Deaves, records manager for Guinness World Records confirmed the record-setting 8,002,530 downloads, adding that: "Mobilising over eight million internet users within 24 hours is an extremely impressive accomplishment and we would like to congratulate the Mozilla community for their hard work and dedication."

Community mobilised

"The enthusiasm and creativity of Firefox fans was instrumental in achieving this record," says Paul Kim, vice-president of marketing at Mozilla.

"Our community members came together and not only spread the word, but also took the initiative to help mobilise millions of people to demonstrate their belief that Firefox gives people the best possible online experience."

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