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Charity events get eBay boost

eBay's 20 per cent contribution scheme will be rolled out immediately

People who sell tickets to charity events on eBay will have to donate 20 per cent of the proceeds to charity.

After a successful trial of a contribution scheme for last year’s Live Earth events in order to raise money for Stop Climate Chaos, eBay is keen to put a line under criticism for allowing the resale of charity tickets on its site.

The 20 per cent contribution scheme – which will be rolled out immediately – only applies to events where 50 per cent of the proceeds go to charity.

Free ticket sales banned

Free tickets for ‘awareness’ events will no longer be allowed to go on sale across the auction website.

"Last year we worked with the organisers of Live Earth to enable the nominated charity, Stop Climate Chaos, to raise an additional £30,000 by partnering with eBay on the resale of tickets," said Mark Lewis, managing director of eBay in the UK.

"I am pleased to announce our plan to roll out similar fundraising initiatives for other major charity concerts on the UK site, and we will also introduce a ban on the sale of tickets for events where all the tickets are free as we have seen, for example, for various awareness raising events."