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Steam now breaks 30 million users barrier

Steam is steamier than ever
Steam is steamier than ever

Valve has announced that its ridiculously popular PC gaming hub Steam now has 30 million accounts.

The service has gained a massive amount of traction in the past year, with Valve noting its figures are up 178 per cent.

Gabe Newell, president of Valve, said about the impressive figures: "Steam is on track to record the biggest year in its six year history.

"The year has marked major development advances to the platform with the introduction of support for Mac titles, the Steam Wallet and in-game item buying support, and more.

Continuing to develop

Newell insists that it's the new additions to Steam which have created this success, saying: "We believe the growth in accounts, sales, and player numbers is completely tied to this work and we plan to continue to develop the platform to offer more marketing, sales, and design tools for developers and publishers of games and digital entertainment."

Steam now has 1,200 games ready for download and on any given day there are six million users logging on to the service.