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Sat nav for truckers steers safe route

Come in Rubber Ducky, we've got a 10-4 on your Smokey
Come in Rubber Ducky, we've got a 10-4 on your Smokey

What will the Daily Mail do for headlines now that Navevo has launched a GPS sat nav system for truckers that lets them avoid narrow lanes, low briges, mini-roundabouts and rivers?

The ProNav PNN200E, unveiled this week at CeBIT, has been designed from the ground up "to appeal to the needs of the European trucker".

It allows drivers to enter their HGV's vital statistics, including weight, height, length, width and the goods they are carrying.

Keeping your convoy trucking through the night

The software then calculates a route to ensure drivers are not confronted with roads or obstacles unsuitable for their lorry or cargo.

ProNav also warns drivers of hazards such as steep hills, high cross winds, and the risk of grounding, displaying them as icons on the maps well in advance. Drivers can then decide whether or not to change their route.

The ProNav can do this as it uses NAVTEQ Transport data, which includes information on roads that aren't suitable for heavy goods vehicles, hazardous material restrictions and diesel petrol stations.

No word on whether it has special points of interest for greasy spoons and Yorkie bar retailers.