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Pulling power: Tesla Model X to be first tow-capable electric car

Tesla Model X
Seven seater electric dream...

If you're tempted to splash out on a Tesla, but looking for something with more space than the Model S, new details have emerged regarding the company's long-awaited SUV, the Model X.

Tesla has confirmed that its roomier model will boast seven seats, a dual motor all-wheel drive system, semi-autonomous technology, and 'Falcon Wing' doors – we can't decide if these are cool, obnoxious, or a bit of both.

The Model X will be also be available with three battery power options – 60kWh, 85kWh and 85kWh 'Performance' – with Tesla claiming it to be the first electric vehicle with towing capacity, which should result in some interesting tweaks to the car's range specs.

The long wait...

Tesla also claims the 85kWh options will boast a 0-60mph acceleration time, making the Model X the quickest SUV around and even capable of shaming some sports cars.

Curious? Sadly, unless you've already placed your order you won't be getting behind the wheel of Tesla's new model before 2016.

Following a two-year production delay as Tesla struggled to meet demand for the Model S, the Model X is sold out in the US for 2015 and other markets are unlikely to fare any better.

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