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McAfee predicting 2010 woe for Adobe

Adobe - criticised
Adobe - criticised

McAfee has suggested that Adobe programs will remain the favoured entry point for hackers in 2010 – with exploits in the likes of Acrobat and Flash pushing it clear of Microsoft's Office applications.

Adobe has hardly covered itself with glory in 2009, with zero-day problems in its Flash reading software – Acrobat and Reader – earning it criticism aplenty.

And security company McAfee, gazing into its crystal ball, believes that 2010 will not see the company fare much better.

Surpass Office

"We expect that in 2010 Adobe product exploitation is likely to surpass that of Microsoft Office applications in the number of desktop PCs being attacked," the report said.

Adobe will no doubt be a little miffed that McAfee is predicting that they will fail, but it's increasingly clear that the company needs to make sure that Flash is not a route into our PCs.