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Best sales enablement software in 2019: Sales engagement platform for every business size

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Best sales enablement software

The sales enablement solution has over time moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a critical piece of software for business organisations. The right application lets allows sales and marketing teams work seamlessly to place on-brand and relevant content in front of prospective buyers.

Additionally, sales engagement platforms ensure that representatives won’t waste time and effort searching for (and presenting) content while making it easy to train and onboard new hires. The best sales enablement software in 2019 will work handsomely in conjunction with the best CRM software. Continue reading to discover our top picks from the pack.

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(Image credit: Mediafly)

1. Mediafly Sales Enablement & Content Management Platform

Helps sales teams keep their content organised

Easy to use
Benefits from a good internet connection
Reporting tools could be better

Mediafly makes easy to use software that is favoured by many of the world’s Fortune-ranked companies, if you need such a seal of approval. In short, it helps organisations give their buyers insights that help them make decisions on purchases.  Featuring a simple yet elegant interface that helps remove the stress of “selling”, it provides a central location for managing personalised content, robust mobile support, presentations support and even integration with asset management software, if required.

(Image credit: Highspot)

2. Highspot

Helps to drive customer conversations

Wide feature set
Designed for collaboration
Lacks keyword tagging
Offline only works on mobile

Highspot is a feature-rich sales enablement platform that combines content management, training, contextual guides, customer engagement and actionable analytics. It’s especially useful in providing visibility into content that sales teams are finding useful, and its powerful search functionality is almost Amazon-esque in nature (though it could be improved further with more robust tagging of content).

(Image credit: Showpad)

3. Showpad

An enterprise solution with strong mobile support

Combines multiple marketing functions
Solid mobile support
High-res image support
Folder structure could be simplified

If you’re an enterprise seeking an all-in-one sales enablement profile, Showpad goes the distance by integrating training and coaching software with innovative content solutions. Its basic features including allowing teams to manage marketing campaigns, discover better ways to carry out sales processes and share information about products with with clients. In addition to desktop, Showpad can be used on Apple’s iPads and iPhones.  It also features excellent support for high-resolution images, which only aids the selling process.

(Image credit: Seismic)

4. Seismic

A mobile-first solution with excellent search capability

Mobile-friendly approach
Robust search functionality
Has a steep learning curve

Seismic takes a mobile-first approach to sales enablement that allows teams to deliver content on any device. It’s a cloud-base solution that lets field reps create compliant materials that are customised to enable more effective selling. Used by corporations such as IBM, American Express and Paypal, its data and insights capabilities help teams form a strategic view of how and when content is being shared. You can also set permissions for content and add instructions and descriptions to help teams find it faster.

(Image credit: DocSend)

5. DocSend

Supercharge your team’s document collaboration capabilities

Improves visibility of document usage
Very easy to use
UI needs improvement
Search would benefit from file tagging

Docsend was created to help salespeople find content to engage with customers and seal deals. One of the software’s big plus points is that it helps to increase control around documents, allowing users to better track different customers or users who receive (and open) presentations documents.  There’s broad support for many different document types, and it’s so simple to use that it requires very little training for teams.

(Image credit: Guru)

6. Guru

AI-driven software adapts to user patterns

AI adapts to users over time
Very user-friendly
Easy to maintain
Requires a lot of maintenance

Guru is one of the best ways to store and quickly reference company information and processes. It’s an intuitive AI-driven system that strives to consolidate information from various sources (such as Google Docs and intranets) and learns over time. Like Trello, it works using cards which are created in spaces for sharing knowledge and keeping it up-to-date. These cards are bite-sized, which encourages workers to write in short-focused chunks. Guru is especially useful if your organisation uses Slack, which can be easily integrated. 

(Image credit: Acquire)

7. Acquire

Helps teams communicate better with customers

Wide feature set
Works without browser plugins
Strong reporting functionality
Needs more chat notification sounds

Acquire is a communication software solution that helps teams offer customer service across multiple platforms in a bid to reduce complaint resolution times. Its scalable suite of tools includes live chat, co-browsing, and video and voice calling, which are available on the desktop and in app format. Acquire features a clear user interface that’s simple and intuitive, with key statistics such as visitor waiting time placed front-and-centre. It works without installing any plugins in the browser, and its reporting functionality is particularly impressive.

(Image credit: Brainshark)

8. Brainshark

Helps prepare sales teams with on-demand training

Suitable for geographically disparate workforces
Multi-functional software is easy to use
Reporting could be improved

Brainshark helps organisations train their sales teams across the world to become more efficient. In addition to delivering content to salespeople themselves, it can be shared with clients and influencers to provide an alternative perspective on how the sales training process could be improved. Communication, training and compliance is wrapped up in a single application that’s been designed in a way so that employees can’t cheat or game the system.

(Image credit: SpringCM)

9. SpringCM

Useful for managing and sharing documents

Robust document management
Useful automation processes
Has a steep learning curve

SpringCM is a useful tool for generating, automating and managing documents while storing and sharing them more efficiently. Especially handy for businesses whose sales processes often get document-heavy, SpringCM can automate proposal management processes and allows teams to share marketing collateral more efficiently. It’s all powered by a native document comparison engine that’s powered by machine learning and compares changes across versions.  

(Image credit: Mindtickle)

10. Mindtickle

A novel way of encouraging sales reps to learn

Intuitive and easy to use
Gamification can drive engagement rates
Modules only as useful as creators make them
Interface feels a little dated

Mindtickle is one of the most comprehensive sales readiness platforms around. It provides capability to develop, coach and improve performance of sales reps wherever they are located. One novel feature is its gamification element, which displays leaderbords to show users’ scores in relation to other members of their team. Intuitive and easy to learn, it makes great use of content modules that span everything from articles to videos and presentations.