How to eject an Xbox Series X disc

Xbox Series X
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It's a cinch to eject an Xbox Series X disc. The unique-looking console may seem a bit imposing for anyone who's never used one before, and it can be a bit confusing to try and figure out how to get a disc out of it. It's understandable if you don't quite have the hang of it, especially due to the system’s strange shape and size. 

There are a couple of ways to eject an Xbox Series X disc. One has you locating a physical eject button on the console, and the other will require you to venture forth into the Xbox dashboard and menu to do so. Both are very easy ways to retrieve the disc you placed in the system. And once you've gotten them down, you'll probably never even think about it again in the future. 

First of all, you should make sure you're using the Xbox Series X and not the Xbox Series S. Since they're so similar in name, go by their design instead if you're still unsure. The Xbox Series X is tall and slim in profile and resembles a small refrigerator (so much so that Microsoft manufactured some). 

The Xbox Series S is much smaller and usually sits horizontally. It's also black and white, and looks a bit like a small speaker. It doesn't have a disc drive, as it's a digital-only console.

So how do you eject an Xbox Series X disc, then? Follow the steps outlined below and it'll be a breeze. 

How to eject a disc from Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

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The first option when it comes to ejecting an Xbox Series X disc is by using the dedicated button on the console itself. If your Xbox Series X is standing vertically, look for a small black button near the disc drive slot. It's located a few inches below the Xbox logo sphere near the top corner of the console. 

If the system is placed horizontally, just find the Xbox logo and look a few inches sideways - you can't miss the disc drive. Press the button and your game disc will eject. 

If you'd rather, you can use your Xbox Series X dashboard option to eject the disc inside as well. Head to your dashboard by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. When the guide pops up, choose the 'My Games and Apps' option, then head over to the tile that represents the disc-based game you have in the system at the moment. Press the "X" button and your Xbox Series X will eject the disc. 

Make sure you get up and grab the disc to put it away, or the console will send the disc back into the console within a few moments, and you'll have to do this again.

How to insert an Xbox Series X disc

It might seem straightforward, but it's easy to second guess yourself when it comes to inserting an Xbox Series X disc into the console. Which side up should it be? What if you have the console placed horizontally? If you've ever been worried about getting it wrong, here's what you need to keep in mind. 

The picture side – basically the side of the disc with artwork on that isn't shiny – should always be facing up when inserting a disc into an Xbox Series X console that's on its side. If your console has been placed in the vertical position, the picture side should now be on your left, with the shiny side on your right.

Now you can swap out discs with ease! Just be warned, the Xbox Series X is a bit of a fingerprint magnet.

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