Xbox Mini Fridge release date announced, as Microsoft keeps its promise

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Mini Fridge is officially happening, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it by the end of this year.

Microsoft said that it would design and sell an Xbox Series X mini fridge if it won Twitter’s #BestofTweets competition, which it did, but only by the narrowest of margins: 50.5% against 49.5%. 

To encourage more votes, Xbox marketing chief Aaron Greenberg promised that Xbox Series X mini fridges would go into production if the Microsoft brand came out on top. And it certainly helped push Xbox to victory.

We now know for certain that the diminutive fridge is on the way, then, as Microsoft snuck a reveal trailer at the end of its E3 2021 conference which teased a release date of Holiday 2021 (that’s between November and January). You can check it out below:

Cold caller

But how did the idea even come about? Well, ever since the Xbox Series X was revealed, the internet decided that the console looked a lot like a fridge, leading to numerous memes. Microsoft cleverly got in on the fun, going so far as to create an actual full-sized Xbox Series X fridge.

It’s unclear whether the Xbox Mini Fridge will be available worldwide, but we’re crossing our fingers that it is. After all, the product looks like it could be an unexpected hit for Microsoft, and a must-have for gamers who love to collect memorabilia and merchandise.

Adam Vjestica

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