How to blow up the rocket in Battlefield 2042's Orbital map

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Battlefield 2042 boasts a selection of unique maps for players to jump into, but one of the most memorable is the Orbital map - which you’ll be familiar with if you took part in Battlefield 2042’s open beta. 

Set in French Guiana, the main feature of the Orbital map is a gigantic rocket platform that sits at the bottom of a lone strait. During matches, you may have seen the rocket launching successfully or - likely more often - exploding at the launch platform, leading you to wonder how you too can get in on the demolition action. Fortunately, we’re here to help with your nefarious demolition needs.

In this guide, we’re going to explain how to find the rocket in Battlefield 2042’s Orbital map and - more importantly - how you can blow it up. 

How to find the Orbital rocket in Battlefield 2042

When players find Orbital in the Battlefield 2042 map rotation, they will spawn at either the US or Russian deployment zone, which are at opposite ends of the map. Don’t worry though, it’s not easier for one faction to find the rocket, as it is situated in the absolute centre of Orbital. 

You’re looking for the spawn point ‘Launch Platform’ which is marked with an E. This will be accessible depending on your team’s progress. If your faction has overtaken the point then you’ll be able to spawn directly on it. If not, you can walk, use or deploy vehicles to get over to the rocket. If you use the rooftop spawn point at B, you should be able to parachute down towards the rocket - just watch out for snipers if you’re making the trek in the open.

Battlefield 2042

(Image credit: EA Dice)

How to blow up the Orbital rocket in Battlefield 2042

Now that you know how to find the Orbital rocket in Battlefield 2042, it’s time to make it explode! There’s not an exact science for when this will occur, but eventually, quite late on into the map cycle, the structure surrounding the rocket will start to fall away, and you’ll see smoke start to billow out of it. This is an easy tell to spot from anywhere in the open part of Orbital - it’s the rocket preparing to launch. 

From this point onwards, you’ll have a few minutes to cause as much damage as possible to the vulnerable rocket in order to make it explode. Shooting at it can work with heavy weapons, but you really want a vehicle like a tank or an aircraft with mounted weapons to get it to crumble quickly. If you’re in a squad, make sure to communicate the plan to them and get as many people on your team to tackle the rocket if you want to see it combust. 

If you deal enough damage within the window, you’ll help summon a gigantic explosion at the Launch Platform which will take out enemy armor and infantry (but most importantly, it will look really cool).

If you don’t manage to do enough damage to the rocket, then, as you might expect, it will take off on its space mission. This is still a potentially dangerous event due to the inferno that comes out of the base of the rocket, but as long as you stay clear you should be fine. Weather effects like rain and the dreaded tornado will also complicate your efforts, so keep that in mind if you do see a storm coming.

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