Battlefield 2042 tips: 5 things to know before starting

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Gearing up to head out in battle? You’ll need these Battlefield 2042 tips if you want to master the game’s chaos and get the best of your enemies.

Despite previous iterations of the game pushing single-player campaign options, these are snubbed in Battlefield 2042 in favor of focusing on the dynamics of online multiplayer action. Now you can team up with friends or strangers as a band of warring climate refugees, battling rival squads in the dystopian universe of Battlefield 2042.

If you’re planning to jump into Battlefield for the first time, there are a few things you absolutely need to bear in mind. Who’s a good starter Specialist, for example? And which gun should you grab first if you want to get started with your best boot forward?

Fortunately, this guide has covered all necessary bases. We’re here to give you a rundown of the five things you need to know before you start gunslinging. These vital tips are certain to give you a jump on the competition as you leap into Battlefield's weather-ravaged terrain, so let’s get started.

Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks

Battlefield 2042 tips: choose Sundance

Battlefield 2042 Specialist Sundance

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One of the big changes in Battlefield 2042 is that you don’t pick classes, you pick characters with special abilities. Inspired by hero shooters, you’re presented with a series of talking heads as you deploy, each with their own unique skills like grappling hooks, healing guns and more. 

It’s good to experiment with them all to find the one you love, but Sundance is a compelling choice for beginners. Instead of a parachute, they have a wingsuit that is precise, easy to use and perfect for getting behind enemy lines from an elevated position. This gadget will help you get into battle quickly, claim some kills and learn the ropes when you’re starting out, instead of crawling to an objective and dying on repeat. Try bringing an Armor Plate and an LMG and you’ll have nearly all ranges and bases covered, especially with Sundance’s homing vehicle grenades at your disposal.

Battlefield 2042 tips: adapt or die

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Battlefield 2042 trades some of the intense, thoughtful tactical gameplay series veterans have come to expect for quicker time-to-kill, a fluid class system and heaps of unbridled chaos. This is best represented by the addition of on-the-fly attachment switching. At the push of a button, this system lets you trade out sights, barrels, stocks and more while you’re in the thick of battle. Before you deploy, customize your guns to get your favorite attachments primed and embrace this process of changing your weapons early, as it is so vital to your success in the field. Spotting a flank or vehicle and changing your gun to mitigate the threat can often save an objective.

Battlefield 2042 tips: stick to your guns

Battlefield 2042

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However, you should also try to pick and stick to a gun that you like when you start out so you can earn enough attachments to make the switching system worth it. Play around with all of the starter weapons to find your playstyle and commit to the gun you want to use long-term, as they will become extremely deadly later down the line. The LCMG is a great gun to start with due to its versatile range and eventually becomes a monster when you slap on a toggleable hybrid sight and armor-piercing rounds that help you take down vehicles. But you can’t get to such high heights if you don’t commit to a certain gun early on, so make sure you find one you like and smash through those challenges.

Battlefield 2042 tips: use call-in deployables

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It’s hard to keep track of every new system in Battlefield 2042, but the one you should really try and stay on top of is the call-in menu. It’s easy to forget about, but this menu lets you pull up a tablet, pick a spot and summon gun-mounted ranger robots, light vehicles like hovercrafts and armored cars on your person. You can’t rely on it constantly, but it can save you if you find yourself surrounded or too far from the action.

Battlefield 2042: chat to your team via voice chat

Soldiers in Battlefield 2042 protecting themselves from a hail of bullets using a heavy shield

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For some strange reason, Battlefield 2042 currently doesn’t have voice chat in-game. This is baffling given how much focus there is on playing the objective, and the number of opportunities there are for exciting team plays, weather pertaining. Battlefield 2042 is most fun in a group, so make sure you set up a Discord to play in with your friends, or check out a Battlefield community discord to recruit players to team up with if you’re playing alone. 

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