Halo Infinite best weapons for solo and multiplayer

Halo Infinite best weapons: a player sniping down an enemy
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In Halo Infinite, best weapons are constantly in flux. Whether you’re heading out into the battlefield in multiplayer mode or going for a solo campaign, you’ll want to get your hands on the strongest weapons on Zeta Halo as soon as possible - and to save you some time, we’ve done all the legwork for you.

Now that Halo Infinite has been out for quite some time, a meta is really starting to take shape in competitive play. Top players have had the time to work out the kinks related to each weapon, so we have a better idea as to which ones are worth picking up and which ones are best left on the ground.

Halo Infinite is no different in this regard from similar co-op FPS titles; although you’re always going to spawn with the same weapon depending on the mode you play in multiplayer, you aren’t tied to the same firearm for the duration of your mission. The field is littered with powerful weapons and artillery which are waiting to be picked up and unloaded into your enemies. 

Ready to start ramping up those kills? Then read on for our picks of Halo Infinite’s best weapons and guns to help you dominate in campaign and multiplayer modes.

Halo Infinite best weapons

Halo Infinite best weapons: Best guns for campaign mode

Concept painting for "Breaker," a new Big Team Battle map

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If you're heading out on your own in campaign mode, you're going to want to keep your arsenal well-stocked to deal the most damage.

Here are our picks for the best weapons for campaign mode, meaning you can take a hefty chunk out of enemies even if you're going solo.

VK78 Commando

VK78 Commando

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The Commando is a newbie to the world of Halo Infinite, but it packs a punch. A fully automatic machine gun, it makes up for its small ammo clip with hard hits and increased accuracy. Like the legendary Battle Rifle, if you can line up your headshots, you’ll be melting your enemies with this thing. It’s great at mid-range and close-range, although it isn’t as effective from long-range, unless you have exceptional aim and recoil control. 


The Hydra gun from Halo Infinite

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The discussion surrounding the best weapons to use in the Halo Infinite campaign has been dominated by vehicles so far. Enemies will use all kinds against you, making use of rockets, turrets and more. Thankfully, there’s a solution to a rampaging hog. The Hydra is like a pocket rocket launcher and can dispatch vehicles easily. With two different modes, it’s versatile in a ton of different situations. 

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer weapon from Halo Infinite

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Another series’ staple, the Gravity Hammer is a weapon that strikes fear enemies when used effectively. It also seems to have an increased damage range in Halo Infinite. Sure, it’s extremely cumbersome to use and, if your enemy can keep their distance you can quickly be made to look like a hapless-swinging fool. But, in a close-quarters situation, the Gravity Hammer is devastating. 

SPNKR Rocket Launcher

Halo Infinite SPNKR Rocket launcher

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Any Halo veteran will know the art of leading your rockets or shooting them at the feet of your enemy as you hop over them from above, which will almost certainly result in a one-shot kill. The SPNKR Rocket Launcher is deadly against vehicles, which is lucky because the Ghost can be a handful if you’re not armed appropriately. Keep an eye on the skies, as they can also deal with annoying air vehicles, although they’re not quite as handy as the Hydra when it comes to taking down aerial threats. 


The melee gun weapon Skewer from Halo Infinite

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We weren’t sure just how effective the Skewer would be when it was revealed, but it can be a powerful and deadly tool in the right hands. It requires a lot of accuracy and you have to lead your shots and account for bullet drop, unlike with the Sniper Rifle. There's a reason this weapon only spawns with four shots, as it can also decimate vehicles, but is hampered by long reload times. One big advantage the Skewer has over the Sniper Rifle, though, is that a body shot is a one-hit-kill against most opponents. It’s well worth trying your luck with the Skewer, then. 

Halo Infinite best weapons: Best multiplayer mode weapons

Halo infinite Tactical Ops Challenge

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Grab a buddy and head into the field with multiplayer mode in Halo Infinite. 

If you're looking for the guns that will best serve you as part of a team unit, we've gathered some suggestions to up the ante and bring the pain all whilst keeping your squad well-balanced in terms of precision versus power.

MK50 Sidekick

The Sidekick gun in Halo Infinite

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It wouldn't be a Halo Infinite best weapons list without this old faithful.

We can’t believe just how effective the MK50 Sidekick has been during the first couple of seasons of Halo Infinite. While it’s not the long-range, headshot monster it was in earlier Halo games, if you’re quick on the trigger, this thing can shred. People are generally awful at landing their shots with it as it requires a solid aim, but if you combine the Assault Rifle with it to finish off a weaker foe, you’ll start winning more and more fights. 

Make sure their shields are down before you switch to it, though. 

BR 75 Battle Rifle

Halo infinite BR 75 Battle Rifle

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If you’re good with the Battle Rifle, you’re good at Halo Infinite. It’s as simple as that. Not only is it more effective than the Assault Rifle, but it’s also the starting weapon in Ranked Arena. If you want to climb the competitive ladder, then, you need to make sure you know your way around the “BR”. 

Of course, older Halo players will already know this but, for newcomers, it may take some time to get used to how the BR works. It fires in short bursts, but can knock an enemy’s shield off with three well-placed shots, leaving them open for a quick headshot.  The BR is also great at long-range for polishing off enemies or those early-game long-range encounters. 

Clearly, this one deserves a spot on our Halo Infinite best weapons list.

Sniper Rifle

The sniper rifle from Halo Infinite

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There’s no pressure quite like being the person who picked up the Sniper Rifle. 

Not only have people been practicing their Halo sniping since the original Xbox controller was the size of a loaf of bread but, back in the early days of YouTube, being a great Halo sniper was a ticket to fame. In Halo Infinite, a good sniper on your team is a God-send, but they’re often few and far between. If you’re not quite getting to grips with the Sniper Rifle after some practice, then we advise not picking it up and heading to the Academy to practice until you feel more comfortable using it. It spawns much less frequently than in past games, and often with less ammo. So if you’re not getting those headshots, and prioritizing targets like the ball or flag carrier in objective-based modes, you may incur the wrath of your teammates. 

Energy Sword

Halo Infinite Spartan holding an Energy Sword

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Halo’s Energy Sword is a bona fide classic and beloved weapon and for good reason. While successful kills with it require getting up close and personal with enemies, if you land a hit then it’s game over for your opponent  (unless they have an Overshield active). You better act fast, though, because once the Energy Sword spawns, other players will flock to it like gold dust and you’ll almost certainly have some competition to pick it up.