Halo Infinite ranks: multiplayer ranking system explained

Halo Infinite ranks: Season 2 promotional image showing Spartans
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Going around the bend to figure out the logistics of the Halo Infinite ranks system? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

The game's multiplayer is only a month away from closing its second season, so if you’ve dipped in to have a look at what it’s all about, you might have come across the game’s competitive mode: Ranked Arena. 

Halo Infinite’s Ranked Arena mode is for those who take their kill-death ratio seriously and want to compete against other Halo players. By taking part in Ranked Arena mode, you’ll find yourself using your Halo skills to scale the ranking ladder and explore the various tiers above. Deft mastering of its multiple rungs ensures that you'll climb them quickly - but play poorly, and you might find your progress slows to a crawl.

But how exactly do you get started making sense of the Halo Infinite rankings? How is it structured? And how does Halo Infinite’s ranking system and Ranked Arena mode differ from previous Halo games? 

Read on for everything you need to know about Halo Infinite ranks as we explain the latest multiplayer ranking system so that you know what to expect before heading into the arena.

Halo Infinite ranks

Halo Infinite ranks: how to get a rank

Menu for Halo Infinite's Ranked Arena

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You’ll have to complete 10 qualifying matches before being given a rank based on your performance in those matches. Winning matches will give you a better chance of climbing in rank but your individual performances will also be taken into account. However, you can drop rank after too many losses.

It’s worth noting that Ranked Arena turns off the minimap, grenade hit markers, and also forces players to start with Battle Rifles instead of the Assault Rifle. Friendly fire is also turned on, as are static item spawns.  

Halo Infinite ranks: Rankings in order

Halo Infinite screenshots

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Halo Infinite’s ranking system is split up into six sections, with 31 ranks in total. Here are the ranks available from lowest to highest ranking order: 

  • Bronze I to VI
  • Silver I to VI
  • Gold I to VI
  • Platinum I to VI
  • Diamond I to VI 
  • Onyx

Halo Infinite ranks: New to Halo Infinite

Master Chief speaking to Cortana in Halo Infinite

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Unlike Halo 5: Guardians, there is no Champion rank in Halo Infinite. The top 200 players in the Onyx division would be signified by a Champion division rank, from 200 to 1.

A new addition to Ranked Arena in Halo Infinite is the ability to join an open queue or a solo/duo queue. Open queue lets you compete against a pool of players using either a controller or mouse/keyboard inputs. You can also play with a full fireteam of four players. The solo/duo queue, meanwhile, forces you to select a specific input – controller or mouse and keyboard – and is limited to one or two-player fireteams.