Halo Infinite Attrition: tips on how to win and the new mode explained

Two Halo Infinite players shooting at each other in a corridor
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Halo Infinite has a brand new multiplayer mode and players are already competing to come out on top. You’ll need to succeed, too, if you want to unlock progression on Halo's special event track, so here's everything you need to know.

Halo Infinite is currently hosting a 'Cyber Showdown' event in-game that brings more goods to unlock, all somewhat cyber-infused. Until January 31st, players can compete and earn cosmetics including a fun visor and an electric punk-rock mohawk that sits on top of your helmet. Lovely stuff.

However, undoubtedly one of the biggest draws is the new multiplayer mode that's being run alongside the event. Attrition is making its debut in Halo Infinite and has a whole new set of rules for players to get their heads around. If you’re dying a lot, your team will know about it too, so there is some nuance to keep in mind.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new mode, as well as a bunch of tips to keep you alive and in the fight.

What is Attrition and how do you play it?

Spartan reviving eliminated AIs

Revives are available so go for them when it's safe. (Image credit: Future)

Attrition is an offshoot of Slayer that works much in the way of traditional Elimination game modes. Teams of four start with a bank of eight shared lives to burn through, and once those are spent, each player is on their last life. Once everyone's dead, the team is out. 

Although not necessarily for good. Players can be revived in Attrition, giving their team another lease at life. Once a player is eliminated, their AI companion will drop on the place they died. Another player on their team can then run over to revive that fallen teammate. 

Attrition is also a round-based match mode, not unlike Oddball. This is a best of three rounds, so first to two wins. 

Also, worth keeping in mind, the portion of a round where you have lives in the bank has no time limit. However, if both teams are out, after a set amount of time, a battle royale-type circle will spawn on the map pushing players closer and closer together until only one team is left standing.

How to win in Attrition: tips to help you succeed?

Spartan looking over eliminated AIs

push the advantage when you have the numbers. (Image credit: Future)

Play more considered than in Slayer

Slayer can be pretty free-flowing, and risking your life for the potential of a big play can be worth it. Potentially getting several kills with the only real downside being a short respawn timer tends to be worth it. However, when you and your team share eight lives between you, your life is worth so much more than normal. Play like it.  

Move as a unit

In multiplayer, it can seem impossible to have a team strategy, especially if no one is communicating. However, this mode is a huge numbers game. Even if you aren’t talking to your teammates and they don’t seem to acknowledge your existence, put it upon yourself to stick by them. Create a unit, and your team should fall into place. Effectively trading lives is important in this mode. Even if you lose a player, if the team is around, they should be able to return the favor on the other side. 

Don’t get killed over a revive

Reviving is a powerful mechanic. It musters up scenarios in your head of getting your teammate back when they're down and turning the fight for a win. That can certainly happen, but it can also be a trap mentality. If your teammate died somewhere where the enemy team might have an angle on it, don’t try it. At this point in the fight, your life is invaluable. Back yourself. Try to win rather than dying without shooting a bullet. Don’t run out in the open trying to be a good teammate. It won’t matter if you all lose.

Die good

This might sound silly, but there is 'dying good', and there is 'dying badly'. That is to say if you have to get eliminated, get eliminated somewhere safe. If you find yourself without a shield and you are behind cover, stay there, even if you feel like a grenade is coming to finish you off. Trying to go for a miracle play, running out, and getting an unlikely kill might sound possible, but you'll be impossible to revive if you die in the open. If you die in cover, your teammates have a reasonable chance of getting you back into the fight. 

Push when you have a numbers advantage

This is imperative to a winning mentality. Attrition is a numbers game, and when you have the advantage, you need to push with your team. If your team gets a kill and the enemy team was together, keep pushing and finish off everyone. Getting them all will half their life total. This especially applies once a player is eliminated. If you have more players on the field than they do, flex that advantage and finish the game. 

Don’t blame your teammates

This is more of a mentality than a gameplay tip, however, it will keep you from playing yourself. Since your lives are shared, if you are losing, don’t look up who has died the most and start blaming or flaming them in chat. Once you get to that point, you and your team will start to throw in the towel and your self-fulfilling prophecy will be complete. 

Instead, focus on your game. Is there some way you can support that player? Can you start moving around the map with them, trading kills even when they die? Can you use the enemy team looking at them to flank and clean up? Use your head, not your heart which will be looking to blame anyone but yourself. Sometimes, you’ll just lose, even when you did your best. This is inevitable.

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