Halo Infinite co-op: how to join and what to expect

Halo Infinite co-op guide: Master Chief speaking to Cortana in Halo Infinite
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Halo Infinite co-op has appeared on the horizon. A multiplayer-friendly version of the campaign mode is expected to launch in August later this year, but some lucky players will have the opportunity to jump in early through a hands-on beta.

Developer 343 Industries announced the Halo Infinite playtest in a tweet. If you’re signed up for the Halo Insider program, you’ll get the chance to play the game’s co-op update a month early and jump into its open world with a buddy. 

The beta only extends to “network co-op”, though, so don’t expect to play split-screen. 343 Industries has said that Halo Infinite will support four-player online co-op when the mode rolls out in August, but local two-player co-op is expected to launch with Season 3 in November.

Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op has been a long time coming. It was absent when the game launched late last year, with 343 initially expecting to add the feature alongside the release of Halo Infinite Season 2. That didn’t happen, though, as the studio delayed the update to fine-tune its features. Hopefully, this means it will run super smoothly when it finally leaves beta.

Halo Infinite co-op beta

Halo Infinite

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How to sign up for the Halo Infinite co-op Beta

If you want to jump into Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op early, you’ll need to join the Halo Insider program. It’s similar to Microsoft’s Xbox Insider scheme, letting participants test upcoming Halo services and game modes through hands-on playtests, and provide feedback to help shape the future of the franchise.

Fortunately, signing up for the scheme is dead easy, just head to the Halo Insider website and click the big “Join Halo Insider” button. You’ll be asked to sign in through your Xbox account and select your Halo playtest preferences. Make sure to opt for either “Console Flighting” or “PC Flighting” (or both), for the chance to take part in hands-on playtests.

If you’re signing up for console playtests, you’ll need to note down what console, controller, display, and audio system you’re using to play. However, if you're trying to get in on the PC beta you’ll need to share your hardware specs on the sign-up page. Don't worry, it walks you through how to do that.

However, even fully-fledged Halo Insider members aren’t guaranteed a place in Halo Infinite’s co-op playtest. You’ll only be considered for entry. To increase your chances of being picked, make sure your profile is up to date and accurate. 

What to expect from the Halo Infinite co-op beta

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Those lucky enough to gain access to the co-op beta will be treated to a slight twist on the traditional Halo Infinite campaign formula. Up to four players can battle through Halo Infinite's campaign together. Teammates are able to make shared progress through missions, and team up to collect Skulls and other desirable collectibles. 

Don't stray too far from your buddies, though. Players who venture more than 1,000 feet from their allies are punished for their desertion with instant death. Plus, the new co-op campaign mode currently uses friendly fire, so you'll want to stay on your team's good side. 

You will also be able to use Mission Replay to revisit old content. Thanks to this feature, you and your band of Spartans will be able to return to old missions with all of your shiny new upgrades and toys.

Though spaces aren't guaranteed, there's no reason not to sign up for your chance at Halo Infinite co-op bliss. Perhaps, like Chief himself, you'll be favored by that most elusive of qualities: luck. 


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