FIFA 22 shooting guide: how to score a goal

Fifa 22
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FIFA 22 marks the return of EA’s yearly soccer simulation series, and this time around you better believe the changes are typically incremental. Regardless of the stagnation, FIFA 22 looks nicer on next-gen consoles and plays better than last year’s game, with less power given to pace and more focus on deliberate moment-to-moment play. This means that shooting, and shooting correctly, is of utmost importance if you want to make the most of matches.

However, there are so many ways to hit the ball in FIFA 22 that it can be overwhelming to decide what route to take when you’re approaching the goal. In this guide, we’re going to demystify shooting in FIFA 22 and talk about what seems most effective in this year’s game. Read on for all the button combos you need to score screamers and upset the opposition in FIFA 22.

How to shoot in FIFA 22 


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It sounds simple really, but at its most basic, you just need to point your left stick towards the net and tap Circle or B on your controller to make an attempt on goal in FIFA 22. Blasting it at the keeper is, understandably, not the best idea, especially with the goalkeeper upgrades this year. Depending on your in-game preferences, you may also have to tap the same button again to complete a shooting minigame. If you get it in the green zone, this will make your shot even more effective as the player’s foot approaches the ball.

If you’re not interested in getting fancy with it, careful passing to confuse the keeper in the box is a great idea before taking your final shot, and a fake shot (Circle/B + X/A) will usually send them the wrong way, creating an opening.

Advanced shooting in FIFA 22 


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Sadly, the basics won’t get you very far, especially if you’re playing online in FIFA 22. Knowing when and how to deploy advanced shooting techniques is crucial, and will secure you tons of goals in tense matches. Let’s run through some of the most important techniques, and when you should choose to use them.

Finesse Shot: R1 and Circle / RB and B
The Finesse Shot is incredibly powerful in FIFA 22 and seems to work well, even from a decent range outside of the box. Hold the Circle or B button a little bit when you’re in space just outside of the box and you can usually curl it into one of the top corners. You need to make sure you’re aiming at the goal of course and attacking from the right side depending on your forward’s foot preference. If you use their weak foot for a finesse shot, it’s usually useless. Tapping the shoot button again after you get to the right power level can also make the shot more clinical. 

Chip Shot: L1 and Circle / LB and B
This is a very contextual technique, and is most effective when you tempt the keeper out of the goal line during a one-on-one. Power is everything when you’re chipping, as you don’t want to sky it over the crossbar. A deft tap of the shoot button is enough power to beat the keeper, but don’t be afraid to give it some welly if the keeper is really caught out.


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Low Shot: L1 and R1 and Circle / LB and RB and B
Driving it home into the bottom corners is another great option, especially if you’re at a decent distance from the keeper on his weak side. Low shots are used far less often but can be really deadly because of this, as it can be an unexpected surprise for a trembling defense. If you’re struggling to control it in the box, hit it low and hope and you might just nutmeg the keeper, or force a deflection that causes a goal.

Flair Shot: L2 and Circle / LT and B
Flair shots are usually reserved for when you’re a few goals up and feeling confident, but they can be useful in certain situations. This will make your player perform the most outlandish of shots depending on the context. Crossing it in and using Flair Shot will force out a bicycle kick, which can be handy if you’re in space. Otherwise, you’ll usually do something fancy like a scorpion kick or cross your legs and smash it in the corners.

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