FIFA 22 free kicks: how to score amazing goals from set-pieces

FIFA 22 Free Kicks
Players running across the pitch during a match in FIFA 22 (Image credit: EA)

In FIFA 22, free kicks remain one of the most satisfying goals you can score in the game. 

EA’s soccer franchise returned to the playing field this year with FIFA 23, and with it comes the opportunity to score some juicy goals from deadball situations. Before picking it up, this guide will show you how to land these tough kicks in FIFA 22.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security by the fancy graphics; free kicks can still be agonizing, and anyone looking to dominate in FIFA 22’s virtual playground will need to grapple with the fiddly mechanics behind the coveted free kicks. 

Though they are tricky to execute and rarely converted to goals, free kicks offer an incredible chance to flip a projected result on its head when deployed correctly. However, that can be easier said than done especially if you’re prone to panicking!

This guide will introduce you to the FIFA 22 Free Kicks system and offer some tips to stack the deck in your favor whilst you’re bending it like Beckham out on the field. We’ll go through how to choose the best kick-takers, which button combos to commit to memory, and share other vital information you’ll need to score some lovely goals and win back your match from the brink of defeat.

FIFA 22 free kicks

FIFA 22 free kicks: how to set up a free kick


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If you don’t have a dedicated free-kick taker on your team then it’s easy to get discouraged when the opportunity arrives. But even mediocre footballers can score free kicks with the right guidance. And you shouldn’t pass up a chance to score just because it’s easier to cross it in.

When you do get fouled in FIFA 22 and step up to the mark, check if you can click the left stick to change the camera angle. This will put the camera behind the player instead of offering the usual overhead view and create a chance to score rather than simply cross the ball. This behind-the-ball view is when you know you’re on for a potentially dangerous freekick. Now you just have to score it!

Before you kick the ball, make sure you’re using the right player. FIFA 22 will automatically pick your best free-kick taker, but sometimes this might not be who you prefer. If you hold the right trigger on Xbox or PlayStation you can see a lineup of all the potential free-kick takers on your team. Depending on the type of free kick you want to take, the stats you need to keep an eye on are Power (PWR), Free Kick Accuracy (FKA) and Curve (CRV). Pick the right player for the job, and, if you need to switch sides to get a good angle on goal, make sure you’re choosing a player with the opposite foot preference. You can also summon extra players if necessary and flick the right stick to move your player around the ball before they take the shot. This can be useful when trying to pinpoint the trajectory of your free kick.

FIFA 22 free kicks: how to score free kicks

Fifa 22

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Now that you’ve set up your free kick correctly, you need to actually kick the ball. This is the hardest part, as you have to arc the left stick reticule to one of the top corners of the goal and hold it there. You want to use Skill Games to learn this muscle memory and deftly push against the grain so you can hold it in place. Then you need to hold the Circle or B button on your controller in step with how close you are to the goal. Small taps can lead to easy goals from the 20 Yard mark, but when you’re further out you will need more power. There will also be another bar that charges as you approach the ball, and you have to tap the Circle or B button again when it’s in the green zone to make your free kick even more clinical. 

Adding spin to the ball is an advanced, optional part of the process for when you get comfortable scoring free kicks in FIFA 22. You can gesture with the right stick to add a spin profile to your shot, including Top Spin, Side Spin, Mixed and Knuckle Ball. Think about which profile will help beat the wall and the keeper in your situation. Don’t overdo the gesture though, just input it carefully while managing the rest of your free kick to have the best chance of scoring. 

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